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Corex Com | Political and public affairs firm

All the years of experience that back us up as professionals, have not only helped us start a new firm but, build a firm for today, where:


We have eliminated all that hinders, limits, slows and is trivial in our organization in order to gain freedom, flexibility, agility, curiosity and help us concentrate on what's essential.


We have fearlessly surrendered to technology in order to re-design and re-develop the usual processes and practices of communication.


We have proclaimed a style that is passionate and open to diversity, a style that brings differentiation and color to an industry that tends to stay within the range of greys to generate a greater impact and reaction.


Our today is the reflection of our yesterday.
a todays firm

                                     TERMS OF USE                                                                        PRIVACY POLICY                                                                              SITE MAP


      C/ Pastora Imperio Nº5, 28036, Madrid - SPAIN                                                                                                                       

Corex com is a political & public affairs firm that also specializes in corporate communication & EU affairs. We have offices in Brussels & Madrid, take a look!

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