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Corex Com | Political and public affairs firm

At Corex Com, our procedure is based on: Intelligence, strategy, and action.


We consider our work as the art of transforming power of comunication into action on behalf of our clients; for managing political campaigns, promoting their beliefs through the right channels or launching new products and brands. 


And every day, this magic is possible thanks to our expertise in the management of strategic communication with the sole purpose of taking the power of communication close to our clients, closer to you.


The keystone to our approach: Communication in all its sense.

                                     TERMS OF USE                                                                        PRIVACY POLICY                                                                              SITE MAP


      C/ Pastora Imperio Nº5, 28036, Madrid - SPAIN                                                                                                                       

Corex com is a political & public affairs firm that also specializes in corporate communication & EU affairs. We have offices in Brussels & Madrid, take a look!

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