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C  360º


Boost your projects
Empower opportunities through EU funding.



Find EU funding opportunities

9000 annual public contracts including products, services and jobs.

450 European programs allocated through open calls and thematic projects.

Credits and financial aid for all types of organizations and groups, including SME's.

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in a simple and effective way!

Save Effort

Save Time

Save Money



1. Explore your options

One-to-one Counseling


If you know what you want but can't see it clearly or prefer to play it safe, our experts will assist you in locating the best EU funds for your projects.

Training Sessions


Informative sessions for groups on the preparation of projects / tenders, adapted to the different sources of funding available.

Define your field of action


We develop analysis and recommendation reports on existing options most suited to your needs and expectations, as well as searching for new and creative alternatives.

Useful Information


Receive practical information, news and hints that will help you decide the best direction for your organization. 

2. Tailored searches

Set your goals


Having clear objectives from the start is a plus. In the long run, they provide coherence to the process and let you target real expectations.

Create your profile


By creating your profile search, you will be easily directed to the opportunities that better match your needs and objectives. 

Designed for you


Elaboration of profiles and services tailored to your organization's nature, size and activity, as they may require a multidisciplinary approach or multiple assisted profiles.

Expert re-vision


After the validation of your profile, a technical analysis will be performed to maximize your searches, identifying improvements and suggestions.

Refocus your results


If you believe that your profile does not meet your needs and requirements, we help you create a new one that best suits your aspirations.

Evaluate your options


If you think you may have found the perfect opportunity for you, let us diagnose your feasibility with an assessment which will make your decision easier.

Focus on details


If you find an opportunity that attracts you, take a quick look at the conditions and requirements of the offer, before investing your time and effort in it.


Select what interests you


A quick glance is all you needed to identify and pre-select available opportunities that deserve your attention.

Constant Monitoring


We monitor to identify opportunities, specific initiatives and products in your own language.

3. Nonstop Monitoring

Add extra Value


Achieve the best proposals or offers possible, not only by integrating required resources, but incorporating others that add extra value to your initiative.

Build your team


Consolidate a team with guarantees by connecting

with partners that share common goals and commitments.

Promoting your initiatives


Build a brilliant team, search for the perfect partners or connect with national and international experts with our guidance and assistance.

Planning your project


Get access to different tools and supporting documentation to help you prepare the best project possible.

Permanent Assistance


With the help of one of our consultants, define the level of participation, course of action and support needed for your projects.

4. Project / Tender Design

Are you in?


Plan your resources


Design a proposal with an attractive and precise financial plan that will ensure the viability and implementation of the project or service within the time period given.

Project Outreach


Designing of attractive communication programs, dissemination tasks and results visibility required, including a dissemination tool for bidding authorities, when appropriate.

C  360º Features

Professional Translation


Create an impressive proposal with a professional translation of the project in the language requested by the organization.

Elaboration of the proposal


Direct support for the preparation of all technical, accrediting, financial and organizational documents, as well as other specific needs depending on the call / notice.

5. Proposal / Offer Development





Corporations  .  SMEs  .  Local and Regional Authorities  .  Non Profit Organizations

Trainning Centres  .  Universities  .  Schools  .  Development NGOs  .  Research

Centres  .  Agencie Chambers  .  Administration States  .  International Organisations

Federation Unions  .  Entrepreneurs and more!

Communication Management


Execution of all external communication tasks, developing of contents, materials and dissemination tools. We can also organize international meetings and events when required.

Administration of tasks


We assume the coordination, support and management of all administrative tasks and processes that need to be met and monitored during the implementation of the project.

Corex Com | Political and public affairs firm

Representation Services


Assistance and representation during the negotiation stage and signing of the contract.

Consultancy Services


Counseling and assistance on any unexpected event or situation that may appear during the development of the project / tender.

6. Project / Tender Execution

Continuous Learning


Access our very own information material and publications, from external sources, which will help you understand and guide you through the funding process.

Your bank of information


We can provide upon request, documents, news and interesting information to help your organization better understand the funding process.

Project Manager RoI


Eliminate extra work loads and focus your efforts on what really matters. Delegate the coordination, management and representation of the project to us, while you supervise. 


Financial Management


Advice and support in all matters relating to the financial aspect of the project through a systematic approach and the elaboration of reports about financial requirements.

Constant guidance in 6 simple steps.
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cx 360


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Corex com is a political & public affairs firm that also specializes in corporate communication & EU affairs. We have offices in Brussels & Madrid, take a look!

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