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Corex Com | Political and public affairs firm
Corex Com | Political and public affairs firm
Corex Com | Political and public affairs firm
Corex Com | Political and public affairs firm
"Boosting your projects 
through EU funding"

The European Commission allocates, roughly, 20% of it's EU budget, to implement in projects that fall under the EU strategic objectives. These funds are assigned by the European Commission, with no intermediaries or red tape, to the beneficiary, making them more accessible to all public and private entities.


If you are looking for grants and public funds, Corex Com offers the help you need to access all the EU funding opportunities with the support of our team of experts and our own system: Cx 360

EU Funds

Navigate through the EU's complex environment

EU Funds | Public Affairs | Representation

"Connecting you
 to something bigger"

The European Union is a common space for encounters and debates that offers the opportunity of networking with many others that share your interests and issues. 


Being Brussels the most important European political center, it is indispensable for any entity to be linked to it on a permanent base; and not just under exceptional circumstances. 


Corex Com excels at positioning and developing networks in the European Union, through effective institutional relations, that allow our clients to participate in European debates.


"Lobbying that
results into action"

Lobbying the EU has a high complexity due to the supranational and intergovernamental conditions of the institutions, it's cross-cultural configuration and the intricacies of the European political and policy system itself.


Also, the EU shapes closely to 70% of the State Members domestic legislation and regulation as a legislative body.  Thus, it attracts many groups with common interests, turning it into the most competitive political space to practice lobbying.


Corex com excels in achieving the defense and promotion of our clients’ interests at the EU level, ensuring the day to day follow up of everything that matters and influences them.


Public Affairs

eu affairs

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      C/ Pastora Imperio Nº5, 28036, Madrid - SPAIN                                                                                                                        

Corex com is a political & public affairs firm that also specializes in corporate communication & EU affairs. We have offices in Brussels & Madrid, take a look!

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