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Corex Com elaborates reports to overview an accurate and detailed picture of the scenario by mapping key actors, connectivity flows and their ongoing evolution under certain interests and/or issues to better assist our clients in the process of taking action.

Discovering outreach opportunities

Corex Com masters, verbally and visually, messages though its communication division. We help empower your ideas with an articulated and solid discourse, as well as an attractive proposal to connect meaningfully within the highly competent environment of the European union.

Empowering your ideas

Corex Com helps you to proactively interact and ally with relevant stakeholders, putting you in touch with policymakers, experts and influencers within the EU institutions.  We ensure through effective contact programs that you maximize your effort, time and resources.

Activating stakeholders engagements

Corex Com monitors all available sources of information from European institutions, media and other interest groups in order to stay ahead on the latest insights of the industry and the political climate in which our clients operate.

Keeping up to date with the latest


Corex Com succeeds in positioning leaders by broaching their ideas for debates through traditional and online channels to obtain the needed impact.  We stimulate the debate through writing, participating in forums and/or organizing events on your behalf.

Positioning through leadership

Corex Com acts as a representation office through experienced professionals to manage the affairs of private and public organizations at the EU level.  We have developed several models of collaboration and commission with the support of our communication and political units to better fit our clients' demands.

Representing your interests

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      C/ Pastora Imperio Nº5, 28036, Madrid - SPAIN                                                                                                                        

Corex com is a political & public affairs firm that also specializes in corporate communication & EU affairs. We have offices in Brussels & Madrid, take a look!

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